Student Testimonials

Shikha Pandey

I have been associated with Confucius Institute at University of Mumbai since from year 2013. I won Confucius scholarship and came to China to learn Chinese and understand Chinese society, with each passing day, my interest and love towards the Chinese language and culture started taking deeper roots.

Nishith Shah

I was struggling to find a good institute, but thanks to Confucius Institute. I got an opportunity to study Chinese language, culture and history. I was twice awarded the most outstanding foreign student certificate and scholarship from Confucius Institute to study in China.

Juhi Thakkar

The Chinese lectures were well organised. It was learning made fun. The teacher made it so easy with regular revisions and use of audios and liveliness she brought in the class.

Arvind Tillway

The courses are conducted by highly experienced and qualified teachers. The classes are extremely enjoyable, with lot of emphasis placed on speaking and listening exercises.

Anil Wadhwani

Learning Chinese has been very fruitful experience & I've been fortunate to learn an evolving language through Confucius Institute.